It is not always that our customers require immediate delivery of goods to the specified address. There are cases when the goods have to be stored up to a certain time. In this case KMK Company is ready to help you. Warehousing is a popular option in the range of our logistic functions. We work with a variety of goods. Our company is always ready not only to deliver the goods and in a high quality and timely manner, but also to store it for a while in a warehouse.

Responsible storage of goods is a service we provide to our customers. It includes taking necessary measures to ensure good preservation of cargo. KMK Company guarantees safety of objects of different purposes. Our experts will select optimum conditions of good keeping and will place it on the warehouse correctly till the end of a specified period.

As practice shows, providing responsible storage of goods by customers on their own costs much more than storage services by KMK logistic company. We provide not only prepared and safe space complying with all necessary requirements for goods safety, but also provide round the clock security and maintenance of the facility by qualified personnel.

Responsible storage of goods by KMK Company is also their prompt delivery to anywhere in the country and the world. The goods will be ready to go to your indicated address at any time straight from the warehouse, which will save you time and money. Plane, vehicle, ship – by any available means your cargo will reach the destination safely.

Our company works proactively, so we try to guess the wishes of our customers. Individual approach to each order forms KMK image and positively distinguishes it from other logistic companies. Your business will develop faster if you use services of our company. We are always ready for fruitful and long-term cooperation. Learn more about the cost and conditions of storage services from our specialists.