Sea freight is currently one of the most demanded services in the logistics market. This type of transportation is much cheaper than air delivery, however, it does not apply in case you need to transport goods quickly over long distances. Sea transport is considered to be slow. Like with aircraft, efficiency here depends on weather conditions. Nevertheless, using ship you can deliver goods of large dimensions and heavy weight. Here sea freight wins over all other types of transportation.

KMK Company offers its customers the opportunity to take advantage of multi-modal transportation. If a sea port is located at a considerable distance from your shipment destination, we will arrange delivery by road to intermediate storage in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Thus, the order will be brought in time and in the best possible way.

When you order shipping you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Due to low cost of this type of transportation it has a wide availability. You can carry both small and large cargo by sea. It is obvious that arranging sea shipping will be favorable to companies of various income.

Another significant advantage of sea freight is its safety. With this type of delivery risks of loss, theft or damage are virtually excluded. If you want to ensure safety of your property, then you should take advantage of sea transportation with KMK.

It's no secret that sea transport is one of the most universal types of cargo transportation. All industrial materials can be transported by water. KMK Company has well-established contacts

with many logistic centers both in Russia and abroad. In this regard, we are ready to provide our customers with excellent quality of transportation services and high quality service. Every order is treated individually and all needs and wishes of our customers are taken into account. With our help, your goods will be delivered on time, safe and sound.