In accordance with Art. 79 of the Customs Code, domestic customs transit transportation (DCTT) is a customs procedure under which foreign goods are transported through the customs of the Russian Federation without paying for customs duties, taxes and without prohibitions and restrictions of economic nature.

In cases where you want to move foreign goods through the customs of the Russian Federation to the point of declaration (or to the departing point from the customs of the Russian Federation), you can use the DCTT (the domestic customs transit transportation). You do not need to pay import duties, taxes, fees for customs clearance. Of course, you need to take measures to ENSURE the payment of customs duties and charges. In this case, the majority of consignees prefer to use the services of a customs carrier, which has already submitted the necessary customs security measures. We offer that kind of customs carrier services.

Our company provides DCTT of goods between customs of the following airports «Sheremetyevo», «Domodedovo» or «Vnukovo», as well as the customs of Moscow region, and the customs within the jurisdiction of the central customs office.

We provide the transportation of cargo by DCTT throughout Russia from Novorossiysk to Severodvinsk, from Sebezh to Irkutsk. Transportation is mostly carried out in Astrakhan, Tolyatti, Lipetsk, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Saratov (Engels), NaberezhnyeChelny, Kazan and Tver.

"KMK" Ltd. covers low-tonnage and heavy transport. The car Park of "KMK" Ltd. includes trucks with certificates of approval for the carriage of goods under customs seal.