Transportation of goods is a service that has been popular at all times. Is impossible to develop business without it or to expand or build new facilities. Nowadays there are many ways to deliver cargo from point A to point B. This can be done by motorways, by rail, water or by air. Air freight is currently in high demand among our customers. This is no coincidence! This cargo transportation method has a lot of advantages.

Air freight is quite expensive type of delivery compared to other services provided by KMK Company. This is justified by its high efficiency. Given that today there are airports in many cities around the world, air transportation can be carried out in virtually all parts of the globe. Besides, cargo transported by air is more likely to remain intact, as transportation safety procedures in airports are arranged better as compared to other means of transport. If you need to deliver valuable cargo quickly and efficiently, air freight is what you are looking for.

Logistic company KMK has been in the market of transportation services since 2012. It appeared as a result of the reorganization and merger of several companies. Thus, its personnel are well-trained, experienced and trustworthy people who are able to work productively and have a responsible approach to each order. You can easily send your desired cargo with us to any destination in the world for a modest fee.

KMK has been cooperating with large commercial companies in Russia and abroad for a long time. This helps us to provide consistently high quality air freight and perform it at the agreed time. Our employees will gladly help you with the delivery of cargo from Asia, America or Europe to any airport in the world. Quick, efficient and responsible – this is how we are used to work. This way we build our business. Contact KMK if you need delivering small (from 1 kg) or large (up to 20 t) cargo in Russia, CIS or far abroad. We are always happy to help you with this.