We hope that visiting the site Ltd. "KMK" You do not just surf the worldwide network, and reliable way to do the search transportation. In this case, luck was on your side - in fact we are not only able to deliver a package from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, to organize the supply of the required raw materials to you from anywhere in Russia and the countries of Europe, Asia and America, but also to ensure the timely transport of products of your company on an ongoing basis.

At all times the reduction of the period of the goods in a way meant an increase in profits, which in turn is the key to the successful development of any business. For this reason, for centuries humanity perfected vehicles and related infrastructure. Little merchant wagon turned into a powerful truck, a small boat dealer - a huge ship, carrier pigeon given way to a supersonic aircraft, travel thousands of kilometers in a few hours.

However, the current stage of development of transport services among other things is also characterized by a number of risks. That is why the specialists of "KMK" in both the Russian and international transport are always ready to come to your aid.

We are ready to consider any proposal for cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions.